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4 January, 2008 Law of Time
Conscious communicators come together co-create!13:20 synchronic activation station for gloabal kin to generate vision

Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:Avatar of EveN DawN
Visions:Right About Now -|- it must be over to me -|- Mystical Mistress Even D -|- cos whatcha get is so much more -|- than all that you can see -|- so tell me, can you see? can you see that I have studied to eMCee -|- which makes me an apprentice M o C -|- for the Book Of Kin -|- 025:END -|- Ceremoniously -|- i'm a mistress in my own right -|- there be no greater authority -|- higher than my own sensation -|- of what feels right -|- of what feels like -|- i'd like -|- to see -|- to smell -|- to taste -|- touch -|- hear -|- and to know -|- here with no sense of uncertainty -|- direct and divine revelation is the key -|- to unlocking all of these invisible libraries -|- of light and dark and all tones in between -|- we be recalling all -|- of our mystical memories -|- of life and death and all that is unseen -|- do you see? your inherent ability -|- to know just how to set yourself free -|- i see, your inherent divinity -|- in your heart you hold a key -|- to releasing your own mystical mastery ...
About Me:I envision this portal as a way in which the Earth is evolving to create a network of global consciousness, the lovers of peace and art who use the technology of the internet to see in the advent of the Noosphere, and the transition towards the sustainable and harmonious coexistence of humanity and the biosphere. Ahau!
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OEN Name:EveNDawN
Dream Spell:Red Crystal Serpent
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