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27 February, 2009 Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories 1 comments
Radiant Goddess of the Central Sunyour brilliance shines eternally.You are very much here— present in physical form &mdash... Read more
27 February, 2009 Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories 1 comments
............................................................ What is your highest energetic habitat? To be here with my Belove... Read more
27 February, 2009 Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories 1 comments
When we came hereI had the best navigatorby my side:you.The wisest thingI’ve ever doneis return to you.But then, I could n... Read more
27 February, 2009 Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories 1 comments
I’ve felt your pulsewithin mefor lifetimes.I did not knowit was your presencefor I thoughtit was me I thoughtit was t... Read more
27 February, 2009 Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories 1 comments
What will I do? I will love you.I will honor you.I will cherish you.I will take care of you.I will share dreams with you.I will... Read more
Teka Luttrell, Creator of The Soul Connection Network websites & materials
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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:One love is all there is across the vastness of existence.
Visions:To be me as a happy, serene, multidimensional, quantum, immortal soul -- fully engaged with the physical dimension and interconnected with my cosmic family that inhabits the far reaches of the Milky Way, other galaxies, dimensions, and parallel realities.
About Me:I am the creator of The Soul Connection Network
website, the Stories for Transformation energy
project and Soul Connection TV.

We play in the inner fields of energy, imagination,
holographic imagery and the Infinite. The luminous
realm inside ourselves is the original canvas as our
creations first swirl into being from the Quiet Center
of Stillness within. Treasures of light and meaning
become visible in the physical world as the under-
standing and visions of inner universes are
translated into art, symbols,
words and stories.

Our creations are vibrant energetic packages
that are designed to be consumed through the
physical senses and assimilated into the inner
depths of beings all around the world. Seen on
computer screens, our art travels as light, sound
and energy into the resonating inner worlds of the
observers. The reflections of our creations cast
benevolent and expansive influences across the
subtle fields of feelings, beliefs, images and
memories that compose people’s
hearts and minds.

As you know, personal and group realities are
largely created from the inside-out. Hence, through
the delivery and absorption of inspirational content,
we acquire the ability to see, feel, imagine and
dream new worlds of beauty, unity and
harmony inside ourselves.


At first I was hesitant to
start this journey of creation,
thinking that I was unworthy and
knowing that my sincerest expressions
would certainly contain hundreds of mistakes.

But then an unexplainable courage arose in me.
I decided to throw my concerns to the wind and
bring what I was dreaming into the world, thus
giving birth to their fullness of beauty,
blemishes and all.

Once I found my heart’s orientation
I was fine letting it guide this creation.
Once I saw what it was able to do
I let its freedom reign.

Books:Seth Speaks, The Ancient Arrow Project, Stories for Transformation, Mystial Dogs
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OEN Name:Highwhistler
Country:United States
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