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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:Kevalam Bhajans
Visions:Please also see my MySpace page at and my blog at
About Me:What better a vehicle for profound positive change on this planet than music?
This is the intention behind the music of singer-songwriter, Kevin James. Non-political and non-denominational, with a simple message of love, lightly delivered with his quirky sense of humour, inspiring a deep remembrance of undeniable universal truths, Kevin's music has been described as evoking feelings of heightened states of awareness and connectedness. He encourages his audience to sing with him to enhance their experience and participation in the co-creation of a new world vision.

Kevin Says - "Many of these songs have come to me from dreams or deep states of contemplation and I feel I have no right to own them or identify with them; just a responsibility to share them with the highest integrity and respect to the source from which they came."

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My Journal Pages
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StarTetrahedron 3D: Vehicle of Ascension.
You Are Invited !

Welcome to my One Earth Network Homepage.
My Name is Kevalam

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Babanam Kevalam - Love is all there Is
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