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Galactic Lore

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General Info
OEN Name:Lore
Dream Spell:Yellow Self-Existing Sun
City:Byron Bay
Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:Gulwan - Spirit of the Night Sky
Visions:Gulwan is an an ongoing investigation into the great mystery of the night sky. It represents a long journey of mine, a journey of spirit and healing. This journey is ongoing and I will be sharing my art, writing and film here on this site as I create. I'm excited to share these gifts of spirit.

Gulwan - Spirit of the Night Sky is a galactic view of the earth, synchronised with galactic mayan time. The art on this website is inspired from visionary practices such as meditation and shamanic journey work. There is a theme emerging in this work, a message of cosmic consciousness, and the awakening of the human soul. As I awaken on my journey of spirit, I love to share what may also be inspiration to others on their journeys home
About Me:Gulwan - rainbow serpentine dreamtime solar biotelpepathic chrononaut. Im singing the music of the spheres. Water and Fire. Yellow Self-Existing Sun. Druid Lore earth walker. erotic sex magick energy highflyer, spiralling discordant harmonizer. Two Spirit Rainbow Love Dreamer. earth bound angel reciever
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3 March, 2008 Jaguar Dreaming 2 comments
Amazon Sun Rise The winged one has flown into the sun the northern night descends all the while the southern serpent sings ... Read more
3 March, 2008 Uncategorized 1 comments
I Believe  "...I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract Explain the change, the difference between What you want a... Read more
28 February, 2008 Jaguar Dreaming 2 comments
Ive been seeing visions and hearing prophecies that we are right on the brink of nuclear disaster on this planet. within as clos... Read more
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My Groups
15 November, 2007 Other
This is a place for members who live in the Byron Bay region of northern NSW Australia to discuss particularlly local issues
15 November, 2007 Sacred Geometry
What insights into the nature of reality do you find through what is known as 'Sacred Geometry' ?
4 January, 2008 Law of Time
Conscious communicators come together co-create!13:20 synchronic activation station for gloabal kin to generate vision
21 February, 2008 Law of Time
A group for all the Yellow Suns...We are the enlightneing life givers of the Universal fire... share your experiences

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