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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Visions:Coming soon ~
About Me:Love the earth, sitting around the fire, and dancing, being in Nature.
love Satsang
Passionate about helping people with health and finances.
Passionate about being part of changing the paradigm from Nutraceuticals to Natural solutions.
Books:The Illuminated Rumi, I Heard God Laughing (poems of Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky), and the Little Prince
Movies:Matrix ,As it is in Heaven ,Brave Heart ,Dancing with the wolves .Titanic ,and hips more .
Music:Miten and Premal , Bajans ,Acustic ,Stephan Micus ,
My Journal Pages
28 May, 2009 Politics 5 comments
Love is the New ReligionFrom the book The Big Glow by Brian Piergrossi   On the surface of the world right nowt... Read more
6 October, 2008 close to the heart 1 comments
A very special gift for my birthday this year.Baramulla was doing his last trip outside Elcho Island More slides from this gath... Read more
1 October, 2008 close to the heart 1 comments
Im going to write something here soon :-) and here too  ... Read more
20 May, 2008 Politics 2 comments
How's this for a definition?! -----------------------  Subject: Political correctness   The following is the 2007 winn... Read more
17 April, 2008 Politics 3 comments
WHERE DID THE WHITE MAN GO WRONG?   Indian Chief 'Two Eagles' was asked by a white government official,'You have observ... Read more
My Groups
15 November, 2007 Other
This is a place for members who live in the Byron Bay region of northern NSW Australia to discuss particularlly local issues
4 January, 2008 Law of Time
Conscious communicators come together co-create!13:20 synchronic activation station for gloabal kin to generate vision
Inspiring premaculture story
  • melchizedek144By melchizedek144 3413 Days Ago
    Hello I`ve seen you at satsang with Issac and we introduced ourselves at the cardimon pod a while back after Kabir`s gathering.
    What is your name on youtube mine is melchizedek144
    Lovely to meet you once again,love/light-emanuehl
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  • By Anonymous 3219 Days Ago
    Hey ho Manjari,Tulasi(aka Chaitanya,when lived in OZ)beamin in from Isla del Sol ,Lake TTkaka,Bolivia.....Funky . I guess you are(Melki aside)refering to Isaak Shapiro(of -late -Papaji ,Luknow-;ILook NOW?)I had satsang w. him ,once in A'dam,Holland 6then by chance when I lived w. the 'parkies' under the Surfclub Hut in was the'rains'.... On Melchizadek(not Drumvalo!)I live on beach of Sirens on Lake Titikaka,BOL :nr. (one of last ,intact,Lemurian ,sunken cities) and have seen ,several X's -w. witnesses :the Disc of the Sun :rising out of sunken city!!!On this 'plane' it's a huge 4-6m. gold disk,but it contains all the Codes of Creation(is much older than Inca,etc...)and is PURE FEMINE ENERGY!Melchizadek :whom ,as you know was abducted(Interstellar bloodline domination conspiracy - and is non other than Quetzalcoatl & Kontiki Viracocha(not to mention -possibly - the Christos)from Orion....The Trinity of the Lords of Light being :Melk.,Metta-tron,&David (papa of King Solomon :who's Seal is none other than the Mer-Ka-Ba.....XXXXTulasi Das
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  • ManjariBy Manjari 3077 Days Ago
    Sorry have not been here for ages I am Manjari and do not know exactly who you are .do you have a profile here ?
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  • ManjariBy Manjari 3077 Days Ago
    wow did you see the drumvalo latest movie that I just posted ?
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My Birthday with a whale ceremony in Bondi Beach
General Info
OEN Name:Manjari
Dream Spell:Red Solar Sky Walker
City:South Golden Beach
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