One Earth Network
Inspiration, Information, Imagery, and Tools
for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Beyond 2012

Welcome EarlyBirds! May this day be a particularly blessed day for all of us!
The One Earth Network is a Cyber Temple on the Rainbow Bridge.
We invite you to gather here to share visions and network the Planetary Awakening.
It is a way of participating in the Conscious Evolution of Humanity.
We have collected some unique resources here within the Temple already ~
and yet this is really just the beginning of something quite unimaginably wonderful.
The One Earth Network is a new phenomenon that has only become possible now
through the convergence of various technologies and social structures
during this time of great global transformation and opportunity.

Please take the time to browse the whole of this page.
It covers some important Explanations about our Visions and Intentions,
introduces our collection of unique resources,
and provides Guidelines as to how you can use them .

There are many facets of the One Earth Network to discover.
The more time and Consciousness you bring to this exploration
the more treasures you will find.
Here are 7 bright windows into the RainbowBridgeCyberTemple ...

What is the One Earth Network?
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What is the Invitation you are being Given?
Why Make A Homepage At The Community Portal?
Are The Community Facilities Totally Free? What are the Rules?
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How can we help the Human Heart Evolve?

The One Earth Network is a Creation of Bird Tribes International.

The One Earth Network is a major initiative for facilitating planetary awakening.
We are a worldwide collective of people who are co-creating a sustainable and compassionate society.
We are a multicultural, non-denominational, non-dogmatic, spiritual community of visionaries working together for the good of all.

Whilst there is an awesome arising of goodwill and co-operation visibly manifesting among the peoples of the Earth ~ there is also the ongoing wholesale destruction of the environment and violent oppression of innocent people on a scale that is unprecedented in our short history.

Humanity needs a Miracle - which by definition is in the hands of the Divine.
The One Earth Network is part of the infrastructure that creates a state of
'global miracle readiness'
and allows the Miracle to happen through us if it wishes to :-)

Many have foreseen that the World Wide Web is to play an important role in the propagation of the new consciousness. Yet still the vast majority of all content on the web feeds off, and feeds, the lowest and most conditioned aspects of human nature.
The One Earth Network activates the mass consciousness with the powers of sacred geometry to activate the higher mind centres and loosen the bonds of addictive personality. We use the energy of archetypal forms to bring remembrance of spirit to those entranced by the spells of matter.

We call the Dreamers who are lost in the night of the endless desert
to gather around this fire of Beauty and Love and Truth.
We invite you to join us on this Great Adventure of crossing the Rainbow Bridge
to a Sustainable and Compassionate Global Society.
Click here to join the network and make your own free homepage now.

Jewel #1: The state of the Art multimedia Community Portal
The Community is one of the main tools of the One Earth Network
for empowering, and activating human potential.
Please make sure you check out the VideoZone where there are literally hundreds
of educational, entertaining, and enlightening videos.
Also please check out the Journal pages
to see what else is possible after you have created your homepage.
You should also be aware that we have full video/audio/text chat facilities,
and instant messaging, for interacting with other members.
Click here to join the network and make your own free homepage now.

Jewel #2: The One Earth Network Emporium
Please Note: the Emporium has had some set backs
and is now being redesigned with a new and better technology.

We will have a select range of products and metaphysical curios that we market.
These include the Universal Yoga Mandala sacred geometry poster,
the TimeTraveller Hypercube Pendant,
Website Hosting that supports environmental charities,
books, Tshirts, tiles, cards, music, and more.
We also intend to offer ways to earn very significant income
by promoting the One Earth Network.

Jewel #3: We have an educational website called
Where you can familiarise yourself with subjects such as
Sacred Geometry, the 13 Moon Calendar, the Native American story of the Bird Tribes,
the foundations of democracy, esoteric modern history,
new cyber tools tools for organising real participatory democracy, peace
creating a sustainable society, the nature of Art and Beauty, love, visionary music,
the department of the easily amused, and more!

Jewel #4: !Under Redevelopment! We also invite you to check out another of our major tools - the free to copy
One Earth Network
GalacticLightWeaver CD Rom
!Under Redevelopment!
The disc contains many hours of video and music, words and imagery - all the materials of the website and much more. It's an encyclopedic resource for transformation with over 80 hours of quality content.
Watch the 9 min video tour around what's on the Cd Rom at its own website

Jewel #5: !Under Redevelopment!

Jewel #6: Sacred Geometrical Imagery
- We have some unique artworks
in the form of the Universal Yoga Mandala poster and the TimeTraveller pendant, that can be used to facilitate Conscious Evolution.
You can learn more about this at the One Earth Network Emporium.

and more about Sacred Geometry at
the site here

Jewel 7 ~ Personalised Sacred Geometry Widgets that link to your One Earth Network profile page.

Widgets are a rapidly evolving an entertaining new form of Saturation Marketing.
They can include video, audio, animations, and more. We will use them and other new technologies to assist members in promoting the network on the web in cool new ways.
More about this soon.




Most importantly - we invite all people of good will to register and create a free profile page at the community portal. After you have done that the next step is to Invite Your Friends !!!!!!! As a member you not only have your own profile page - you also have a Journal where you can create as many pages as you wish on whatever subjects inspire you!

We are reorganising and hope to soon have a free CDrom of inspirational materials for you to distribute, an Emporium of Metaphysical tools, and an affiliate system that allows you to earn income by promoting the One Earth Network.

Of course you do not have to do all of these things now! We welcome your participation in whatever ways are appropriate for you. The invitation to fully participate in this major initiative will still be open when you are ready.
However... considering the phase of planetary process that we are now in we do recommend getting on board as soon as practicable!

See the section below about the reasons for making your own homepage and participating in the network.

There are so many things competing for our time and attention on the web these days.
Whether you are into 'online social networking' ~ or not ...
whether you have ideas, project, products, or visions you want to promote ~ or not ...
whether you are interested in generating extra income ~ or not ...
If you understand the incredible importance of Planetary Awakening ...
then we ask you to make joining and participating in the One Earth Network a priority.
No doubt some of your friends will be interested in sharing these free resources.
The One Earth Network has the potential to expand the boundaries of mass consciousness
and really contribute to the global process !

Once you are registered we will be able to keep in touch more easily.
(We respect your email privacy and will only send you the occasional newsletter.)
We also encourage you to interact at the Forum,
and by leaving comments on other people's Homepages, Journal pages, pictures, & videos.
You can search Youtube for videos on your favourite subjects
and post them at the One Earth Network VideoZone.
And you can post your own Articles in the new ArticleZone.

Making a nice homepage is very easy even for beginners!
(okay if you're really a beginner it may take you a little bit longer -
but seriously... this is the easiest way to make a beautiful multimedia webpage! :-)
By filling out the registration form you will have already made your basic page.
Please make sure you upload a picture or two on the MyProfile ProfilePictures page.
Preferably at least one of the pictures should be a photo of YOU
as it will save you 1,000 words of explaining who you are.

Uploading a background picture will add a huge visual impact to your page.
To do this, after you log, in you go to the Customise/Appearance page.
There are dozens of exquisite backgrounds in use already at the Community Portal.
As a member we invite you to utilise whichever ones you like best for your own pages!
For instructions on every aspect of how to customise your Community page
please see the FAQ (frequently asked question) section.

Amazingly, the short answer to whether it is free is - yes, if you want it to be.
The basic features - like the Homepage customisation, uploading pictures, keeping a blog,
participating in the forum, posting Youtube videos, receiving messages, etc -
will almost certainly always be free for anyone genuinely wanting to be involved in
Networking Planetary Awakening.
The advanced features such as video conferencing and instant messaging
may remain free indefinitely - and even if they do not there will always be scholarships
available for people in special circumstances or with special reasons
for wanting to be part of the community but not wanting to participate financially.
We will not exclude anyone who genuinely wants to network Planetary Awakening,
and we want One Earth Network to be a totally global phenomenon !

For guidelines as to what you can and can't do here
please read the Community Guidelines page.
Basically... if you are genuinely intending to facilitate Planetary Awakening
in whatever way you are inspired to do so... then GO FOR IT !
However... we do reserve the right to remove any materials that are clearly inappropriate
- and if really necessary - to remove the offending account.
We will of course try to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement first!

Donations toward the ongoing expenses of this work are very welcome
and will accelerate the full activation of this resource.
The whole of this project has been done on the proverbial shoestring
by one dedicated visionary foot soldier with the skillset necessary
to bootstrap it into existence :-)
If you are able to help this important project please do.
You will be helping to create something quite wonderful.
You can contact us using the form here
or donate through PayPal by clicking the button below.

To go to the CommunityPortal Homepage click here

And finally let us end with

~ Evolving the Human Heart ~

We invite you to discuss these ideas in the Forum, the Videozone, the Journals, etc.

1. Nothing less than the whole healing of the human heart will suffice to reverse the destructive momentum of modern western society. Even if we were to end war and dismantle all the weapons - if the human heart is not healed and the nightmare we call history awakened from at last - then we will recreate the weapons or find some other way to destroy ourselves.

2. SacredGeometry is a multicultural non-dogmatic spiritual Art, Science, and Mystical path.
It is said that the language of the Angels is Geometries of Light (or more accurately electromagnetic energy). We suggest that the tradition that is known as SacredGeometry has an important role to play in accelerating the process of Conscious Evolution.

3. The World Wide Web has been acknowledged by many visionaries to be a key factor in the unfolding Planetary Awakening. Many have also spoken of the Web's importance in the creation of a Planetary mind or nervous system. Therefore we believe it is essential that the brightest visions of the future that we can glimpse should be woven into the fabric of cyberspace.

4. Financing the PlanetaryAwakening - Providing the infrastructure to allow for Global Miracles to happen. Within the context of modern society the most effective way to mobilise large numbers of people is to educate them as to the necessity of taking action, provide them with an interactive means of communication, and reward them financially for participating. Therefore we have created the One Earth Network Cd Rom, the CommunityPortal, and the AbundanceSystem, to address these three aspects.

5. The Earth is a complex self-regulating system like ourselves. We are a natural part of the Earth's Biosphere. Learning to co-operate with the healthy natural processes of the Biosphere is the only option for long term survival. It is not the strongest species or individuals that survive in the long run but the ones that co-operate to form environments that are stable and beneficial for them.

6. The GalacticAlignment on the 21st Dec 2012 when the earth tilts towards the sun at exactly the same time as it lines up with the Centre of the Galaxy, represents a natural Geometric division of the great cycles of time. It is also claimed to be the end date for one of the most important Mayan calendars - and the Mayans were probably the most 'temporally aware' society that the Earth has known. This date is also the focus of many other prophesies. Independently it was predicted that the accelerating rate of change over history, the curve that plots the frequency of new concepts and technologies - would go vertical on this date - and of course no one knows what that would actually mean in practical terms! See movie here
Even without any of these considerations we suggest that the current global crisis will be to a large extent resolved by this date. It is a realistic time frame to make a difference if we wish to see a sustainable global society rather than the post apocalyptic sci-fi nightmare portrayed in so many movies.

Therefore we commit to co-creating and implementing a 5 year plan to facilitate a harmonious transition to a sustainable and compassionate society - and we invite you to join us in this work. Step one is to make your profile page at the CommunityPortal. We also invite you to check out the One Earth Network CDrom and consider joining the AbundanceSystem.

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer ...

To learn more about the BirdTribes history and mythology
and the other themes of Planetary Awakening click here

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