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Galactic Fire
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StarTetrahedron 3D: Vehicle of Ascension.
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The 5 Platonic Solids
General Info
You Are Invited !

Welcome to my One Earth Network Homepage.
My Name is AzurFreeYogi

I invite you to join us and make your own homepage.
Its F*R*E*E and its easy to add Video, Music, etc.
For a complete list of all the features click here
If you want to you can earn income
by helping to build the network!

When you join please use AzurFreeYogi as your Sponsor's name and you will be in my team of visionaries co-creating a sustainable future!


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Butter Lamps
Random Quotations
Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:It's All Yoga
Visions:To Live, Laugh and Love so support ing the growth of yoga world wide as a science of liberation practiced by the individual so as to live in their brightness amung an endless ocean of stars.
About Me:I am a child of the Universe, born into the garden of loves blooming. The sweet smell and light shinning in the eyes of my little son makes real this purpose of stewardship. I enjoy gardening, cooking and practicing yoga with other people.
Spirits Wings
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