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29 October, 200829 October, 2008 11 comments Gaia Dreaming Gaia Dreaming
I love the sound track to this movie almost as much as the movie itself! Below you will find samples of almost all the tracks on the album with slideshows of pics taken in and around the making of the movie. Use the icon on the bottom left of the scr... Read more
TagsTags: music whale dreamers 

15 October, 200815 October, 2008 10 comments Whirreds of the Whirled Whirreds of the Whirled
  ~ from the unfinished manuscript of 'The Book of Fire' by Firebird ~ . To know that there is a Book of Fire is to see the viel of flames.To find the Book of Fire os to be unutterably changed.To open the Book of Fire is to remember your true... Read more
TagsTags: tetrahedron book fire poetry 

2 October, 20082 October, 2008 7 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
Herman Hesse in 'the Glass Bead Game' spoke of J.S.Bach's music as the high point of western civilisation - and he is far from alone in this assessment. Bach's specialty was the pipe organ, and he also built some of these magnificent instruments. Thr... Read more

10 September, 200810 September, 2008 9 comments Mayan Time 2012 Mayan Time 2012
This is the Universal Yoga Mandala Posteravailable from        
TagsTags: rainbow mandala art magic 

2 July, 20082 July, 2008 7 comments Gaia Dreaming Gaia Dreaming
Here is a good introduction to a radical concept that the Earth and other planets are expanding. The computer modelling is very impressive and the argument itself is surprisingly convincing. Imagine the repercussions if this becomes accepted... My p... Read more
TagsTags: earth 

6 June, 20086 June, 2008 1 comments Whirreds of the Whirled Whirreds of the Whirled
                You are the Universal Source of all energy and thought and You have made us from Your own being and You sustain us in Your embrace and You gives to us this Light and this Vision an... Read more
TagsTags: whirreds 

28 May, 200828 May, 2008 2 comments the Whirled the Whirled
 I found this on the web and as I do quite a bit of thinking about the insanity of war, how it can possibly end, why it continues, etc, I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  For an explanation of the history of the warrior tribes fro... Read more
TagsTags: whirled 

25 May, 200825 May, 2008 1 comments Gaia Dreaming Gaia Dreaming
  Very early rainy morning Very early rainy morning, Dark trees segmenting the darkness, Chaos of rain upon leaves, Shadows glide through the branches. There is a rumour that dawn is coming,is it really getting brighter?I watch... Read more
TagsTags: whirreds 

22 May, 200822 May, 2008 1 comments Mayan Time 2012 Mayan Time 2012
The application to the right displays todays Mayan Dreamspell glyph. You can also use it to find your own Galactic Signature by entering your birthdate. Once you have calculated your sign type it into Google inside "quotation ... Read more

21 May, 200821 May, 2008 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
Come into the Canyon of Dreams with me my friendCome back along the track that time has carved in stoneWhere each step is a thousand years into the mind of manFollow the winding stream back to the spring from which it flows   Once there wer... Read more

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