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The Unification of all Indigenous Tribes of North America
11 June, 201211 June, 2012 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized
The time has come for Tribes to unite as one if we are to have a future on Mothr Earth. She is talking to us in many ways but we pay her no heed. She is restless with those who are tearing her apart. For too long mankind has taken advantage of her many gifts to us. Many generations have come and gone since our ancestors lived in North America before our country even had a name. Then, it was a time when the Ancient Ways of our forefathers made the Creator Spirit happy with his children. With the passage of time, and due mainly to the European influx into our lands we set aside manyof the old ways. In a sense it was necessary for the "Warrior" way of life to emerge. It was their hope that we could drive the 'white man' back to the shores and make them return from whence they came. Sadly, that only precipitated the events that eventually led to the "Redman" being driven from his lands and being virtually wiped out. Then what was left were driven to reservaton lands, the children sent to re-education camps, their clothes became the wardrobe of the 'white man' and their hair was cut. Whole families were torn apart never to be reunited. Now we must make a concerted effort through our unity to educate the world to the 'old ways' of living. In so doing we can guarantee a future for all on Mother Earth. the alternative; Mother Earth will wipe all from the face of the planet. Any who are interested after reading this post may visit my Facebook page, where I have posted..."A Treatise for All Nations" on 'my notes' page. Feel free to pass it along to any who will listen.

  • By Anonymous 605 Days Ago
    Where the link to the treatie document. I'd like to take a look. Thank you
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