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Call of the Clearest Star
27 February, 200927 February, 2009 1 comments Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories Twin Flames Poetry & Soul Stories

When we came here
I had the best navigator
by my side:

The wisest thing
I’ve ever done
is return to you.

But then, I could not help myself.
For I would vanish into oblivion,
scattered into cosmic dust
without you, my Clearest Star.

How did I find you?
I followed The Call of the
Clearest Star resonating
invisibly in my heart.

This is the ancient way
that has been designed
for Twin Flames to find
one another, but I could
not remember how it was
done, until now.

Whole lifetimes passed
lost in sorrow and chaos,
without the Unity of You.
I could not even remember you.
Little did I know that I was
feeling you all along
in the depths of my
resonating heart.

You, my Clearest Star
have ever been the brightest
in my Universe. Now I know
to look within to find you.

Feeling the highest pulse
of our resonating hearts
the frequency of love eternal ...
now the search is over
I surrender to you,
my Clearest Star.

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