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The Secret of Yoga
26 December, 201126 December, 2011 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Many of us think yoga relaxation is only for those who are superfit and able to get into 'weird' and difficult positions - yaninayoga challenges those beliefs.

The Secret of Yoga is in the Breathing

- Our Breath enables us to Relax while gently stretching our body

- Our Breath enables us to develop focus & awareness of our own body

- Our Breath can transport us to alternate states of being

- Our Breath connects us with 'All That Is'

- Our Breath contributes to 70% of toxin removal from the body

- Our Breath calms the nervous system when we are stressed/anxious/fearful

- Our Breath is the Ultimate Healer when combined with the concept 'All Thought is Creative'

Each individual is taking up to 52,000 breaths per day - a regular yoga practice helps us begin to develop a relationship with our Breath - bringing unconscious breathing into consciousness. And therefore giving us immense power and choice in our everyday existence.

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