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What's Really Important?
29 July, 201029 July, 2010 6 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

What's Really Important?

     Seems to me that what's really important is to understand-or better yet to experience-that this third-dimensional reality, which seems so solid and so permanent to us while we're in these bodies, is actually a virtual reality, a holographic universe of energy waves, bouncing off each other and creating a very convincing illusion, which our physical senses perceive and our brains interpret as the world around us. But this world is not really solid and not really permanent.

     A number of leading quantum physicists are discovering that what we call ‘the real world' is a mere sliver of the infinite and eternal Field of Unified Consciousness that is the very ground of our being and the source of All That Is. This field is called by many names-‘the zero-pint field', ‘the quantum field', ‘the torsion field', ‘the aether', ‘the subtle energy field', ‘chi', ‘prana', ‘the Holy Spirit", etc. It is constantly swirling in, around, and through our physical bodies and all matter, in intersecting waves of Consciousness. As these waves bump into each other at specific angles and frequencies, they create the interference pattern, or ‘quantum hologram', that we perceive as this material world-the world of matter-the phantasmagoria of space and time.

     Quantum physicists have discovered what they call ‘non-locality'-the fact that there is no real separation between any of the subatomic particles that make up this world of matter. In fact there are no particles-it's all just waves of in an infinite and eternal Ocean of Energy--until we perceive them or try to measure them. Our senses and instruments, which are only capable of tuning in to a slow, narrow band of frequencies, pick up these waves of Consciousness as particles-something solid and enduring. But when we're not looking at them, they are waves.

     The frequencies of the waves that we are able to perceive are so low and so slow that the waves seem like particles to us, and the frequency band that we are tuned in to is so narrow that we perceive only five percent, or less, of this vast Ocean of Consciousness in which we live and breathe and have our being. But the Ocean is always there. We are always part of It, and It is always part of us-including the waves that we don't perceive. This is what the scientists call ‘dark energy' and ‘dark matter'-‘dark' meaning currently imperceptible by Earth humans and our instruments.

     Everyone and everything comes from this Unified Field and will consciously return to It when we evolve to a high enough consciousness. At the most essential level, we all truly are that Field of Conscious Oneness. It is our true identity and can never be stolen from us.

     This illusory 3D universe is the interference pattern made when spiral waves, or whirlpools in this omni-dimensional Ocean of Consciousness, intersect at specific angles, creating a curved-line grid-pattern onto which our brains project this holographic 3D universe, or ‘the space/time continuum.' This grid of intersecting spirals is the ‘matrix' or mother-pattern of what we call physical reality. It is actually a constantly moving, omni-dimensional, kaleidoscopic, geometric latticework of intersecting waves of the One Consciousness-an ever-changing, rainbow-spiral, mandala-dance of which we usually perceive only a small percentage of the action.

     This mother-grid determines the general patterns in which the waves of this reality flow. Christians like to call this underlying framework the ‘divine plan', giving rise to questions about whether we have free will to make our own choices, or is everything that happens predestined to happen, no matter what we do, say or think. From my perspective, the overall pattern of intersecting waves of Consciousness-the ‘divine plan'-remains constant, but we get to choose how we Avatars ride those waves here in our virtual bio-bodysuits.

     Another recent scientific discovery is that our cells, including our DNA, have antennae that act on information received from their environment-information from frequencies in the Ocean of Energy that permeates them and from frequencies created by our own thoughts or level of consciousness. Cell biologist Bruce Lipton has presented his break-through work in this area in the book Spontaneous Evolution and How To Get There from Here, co-authored with spiritual humorist and perspicacious social commentator Stephen Bhearman (a.k.a., "Swami Beyondananda"].

     Our cells are also precognitive-they sense the future before it ‘happens' because they are tuned in to the Great Ocean of Timelessness, where ‘future' lives in the quantum foam of probable realities yet to manifest in 3D. Interesting research on this subject was done a few years ago by Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe, and other scientists at the PEAR lab at Princeton. They were looking for information about human consciousness affecting matter-in this case the matter being random-number generators, called ‘EGGS', which they set up in various locations around the world. The readings of individual EGGs were fed into a master computer at Princeton, where the global readings were merged into a time-line graph and later analyzed for anomalies. The EGGs are affected by ambient consciousness, and under ordinary circumstances they just bop along, randomly generating numbers as we humans do our daily things. But once in a while the graph shows a big spike in non-randomness, indicating that the ambient global consciousness, at that period of time, is not random but focused on the same thing. This happens around major events that many people are tuned in to. One example was the funeral of Princess Diana. There was a large spike in non-randomness during that time, when many people were watching the funeral on TV or listening to it on the radio and experiencing/projecting the same or similar emotions.

     Another date that triggered a very large spike in non-random consciousness was 9-11-2001, the bombing of the World Trade Center. And a very interesting thing happened that day. When the composite EGG graph was read later, it showed that non-randomness had started spiking a couple of hours before the first plane hit the first tower. How'd we do that? How did global human consciousness know that something big was about to happen? Our cells picked it up, that's how! Our intellects didn't know it until we experienced it in person or heard about it through media or friends, but our cells knew it!

     And what are our cells made of? Atoms, right? And what are our atoms made of? Subatomic particles or quanta, which are really the waves of energy that make up everything that exists. And these quanta are receiving input from waveforms in the One Great Ocean of Consciousness.

     I have had many experiences of precognition in my own life. One of the most dramatic happened back in 1991. It was the repeated waking vision of an automobile accident involving me and a little used car I had just purchased. This picture of an accident in that car on a particular stretch of road that I drove regularly kept popping up in my inner vision for a couple of weeks at times when I was alone-sitting in my living room, driving in the ‘new' car, lying in bed before sleep, etc. And I kept pushing the visions away, telling myself, "Don't think that or you'll make it happen." And then it happened, exactly as I had ‘seen' it. So I know that we are precognitive. We can, and sometimes do, tune in to probable futures before they cross the event horizon and collapse into material reality.

     All that we perceive with our physical senses is a big virtual-reality ‘computer game', and each of us gets to be the ‘Avatar' of our own game. The dictionary definition of the word avatar is: 1.And that's what each of us came into this 3D game to do: to be a physical embodiment of a particular ‘view of life' or aspect of the One Consciousness That Is All. an incarnation of a Hindu god. 2. the embodiment or personification of a principle, attitude, or view of life.

     Although the Unified Field of Conscious Energy is our Source and the true identity of each of us, each of us also has a ‘soul'-an individual unit or energy-a discrete droplet of the Ocean of Consciousness, choosing to temporarily appear to be separate from the Great Ocean, but really always being part of It. This soul has chosen to enter a physical body at this virtual moment of eternity to be an Avatar in this virtual-reality game-to manifest our own unique embodiment of High-Frequency Consciousness in our own unique style and from our own unique perspective, and to add that experience to the database, or ‘akashic records' of this plane.

     Each of us is his or her own Avatar in this virtual game, for our own entertainment, for our spiritual evolution, and to make this 3D-Earth illusion a little better because we were here.

T     hat sounds easy enough, but the rub is that this 3D reality game is so convincing an illusion that we are soon conditioned to forget that it's a game at all, and we take it all very seriously. We forget that we are all Avatars. We forget that we all connected. We forget that we are playing in an ocean of unseen energy. We forget that we came here to learn and to help out.

     We each co-create how our game goes by the choices we make as we play. The basic program is always there, underlying all the action, but within that invisible framework, our Avatar has free will to make its own choices along the way. What I've learned so far is that the choices that bring us the best results in this 3D game are choices that are in harmony or in synch with the underlying matrix or program of this Universal Field of Consciousness Itself. And this underlying program is a benevolent one. It's overall set-up is for the highest good of all life. It's basic frequency is the frequency we call ‘Love'-the urge to merge-the desire of all soul-fragments to eventually return to their One Conscious Source.

     This impetus toward Universal Love is sometimes confused with an impetus toward universal love-making, but in its purest sense it is non-physical in nature. It is the urge of each droplet to consciously merge in frequency with the Whole Ocean, from which it came and to which it has always belonged.

     So if our 3D Avatar is in harmony with its Source energy, we will play our most successful game. That means making choices that embody an awareness of our Common Source and that contribute to the highest good of all life. We are all connected-indeed, we are all One-and if we can remember that and keep it foremost in what we think, what we say, and what we do, our ride in this virtual-reality-game-show will be smoother and more satisfying than if we don't remember our connectedness. That means treating all ‘others' with compassion, the way we would like to be treated, and treating ourselves as precious projections of the One That Is All.

     One thing that's really important is to understand that we are all souls in evolution-beautiful, unique gamers, learning how to be our own Avatars in this 3D reality game.

     We are all the One, Infinite and Eternal Field of Consciousness, playing hide-and-seek with OurSelf.

  • DralaBy Drala 2732 Days Ago
    Beautiful 1st journal entry SEA.
    Very comprehensive.
    I'm going to share it.
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  • By Anonymous 2680 Days Ago
    Funny how source takes you to affirmation...for by saying these sentiments today i was lead to read them here.
    An amazing universe we live in, indeed.
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  • CoryBy Cory 2607 Days Ago
    well put, sea. Have you ever experienced any of the planes of conciousness and remembered. We are all truly one and the source from which we came is so pure and undescribable but once you have seen it and felt it there is no turning back. Thanks for the info I will look mor into the eggs that measure conciousness very interesting.
  • By Anonymous 2424 Days Ago
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