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Diversity is the adornment of oneness.
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3 June, 20113 June, 2011 0 comments Poetry Poetry
The promised land is everywhere, and nowhere.It is in the heart of those who hold it.It is not real estate.It has never been real estate.To hold the view that it is any certain place is an error. There is a fundamental misunderstanding,a confusion ... Read more

14 December, 200814 December, 2008 1 comments Poetry Poetry
    "Om, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha" "Gone Gone Gone Beyond Gone Completely Beyond Awake Sobeit"   Thoroughly completely unsentimentally beyond    They call you Dharmakaya     ... Read more
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4 December, 20084 December, 2008 1 comments Poetry Poetry
          &n bsp;       &nbs p;                 &n bsp;     &nbs... Read more

4 December, 20084 December, 2008 1 comments Poetry Poetry
        We sat bewildered on the canyonside no-way to reach the bottom the path had dissappeared daylight caressing my skin and eyes when that hollow whistle pierced the air and a mantra of great power came to mind and I... Read more

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