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March 25, 2009March 25, 2009  2 comments  Uncategorized
<p><span style="font-size: x-small; color: #993366; font-family: sans-serif;">As I was setting up the beginnings of my profile on this network - I have been having all sorts of memories &amp; flashbacks. To the wonderful healing centre I opened in Palm Beach on the gold coast in the early 1990s - called <strong>Xanadu Healing Centre</strong>.</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small; color: #993366; font-family: sans-serif;">I met soo many beautiful people through the centre - and often wonder where they are now. So if anyone reading this remembers being there let me know - say hello!</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small; color: #993366; font-family: sans-serif;">Then&nbsp;another flashback took me to a powerful livin workshop i attended with 20 or so beautiful women; facilitated&nbsp;by a Brittish Rebirther (Christina Artimus)&nbsp;in about 1992/93. It was held by the beach using Rebirthing/Breathwork, the Tarot and some PsychoDrama; plus sleep deprivation to break through ego resistances. I created for the whole workshop to walk out on me - playing out a strong rejection issue for me. The benifits of facing that fear still resonate in my everyday activities.</span></p>

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