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There are 2 main ways for members to share music at the One Earth Community.

ProfileMusic: The most direct way - especially recommended for musicians sharing their own work - is to upload it to your ProfilePage as ProfileMusic. You will find many members have the ProfileMusic player on their page, and the VideoZone block on a Profile page also has a tab that accesses the ProfileMusic. (Please note that the music player has a download button and therefore visitors can save your tracks onto their harddrive.)

Embedding a Playlist: Another very effective way to share music is to join a free site such as, make a playlist of your favourite music, and then use the embed code from that site inside a Custom Html block on your ProfilePage. Instructions on how to add a Playlist to your Profile Page can be found here.
Once you have your own account you can then collect tracks from other playlists without even leaving the page you are on!

Using a Shared Playlist: Even easier than that is to use a playlist that someone else has created. We have a collection of Playlists which you can see below here and adding them is simply a matter of going to your MyProfile page, AddMoreBlocks, AddSharedBlocks - and ticking the ones you want. At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of Playlists that are available to add to your profile from the SharedBlocksPage.

Playlists that have been created by One Earth Network members
and submitted to the MusicZone.
Note: Use the 'add' button to save any track you are listening to into your own playlist.
If you don't have a account it will lead you through the process.
To submit your playlist to this page please contact Admin

New Age Ambience Collection by Firebird

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Classical Music Collection by Firebird

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Beautiful Songs - Firebird's Collection



If You want to save these tracks to your harddrive
download this Freecorder software for Windows.

It combines with a search bar but has some cool features like
not picking up other noises your computer makes while recording