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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated Dec 08
How do I upload a video to the main video library?

For the time being we have closed the OEN video library to uploads because we feel the VideoZone is more useful.


The Youtubes VideoZone is a much easier interface for most people.

If you have a video you want to show on your OEN pages please upload it to Youtube or some other video sharing site that will host it for you.

Then copy the embed code that the site gives you and use it in your Journal or in a special html block - or if it is hosted on Youtube then you can add it to the VideoZone.

This will save us both storage space and bandwidth, and technical support with the various issues of video upload, etc etc.

To upload to Youtube you make yourself a free account and its a fairly simple process to follow their instructions to upload.

If you really feel that you video is especially appropriate for the OEN and you do not want to put it on any video sharing site for some reason then please contact us and we may make special arrangements to allow you to upload it to our server.



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