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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated Dec 08
I tried to post a Youtube video to the VideoZone and it didnt work.

This seems to happen occassionally :-)

When you post a Youtube video you should see the new icon for your new video appear straight away - otherwise something has gone wrong.


If you have used quotation marks in the title of the video you will find you have to go back and remove them as they interfere with the video code! 


Any problems can be fixed immediately from the first page you arrive on after posting the video.

You can remove the video completely and begin the post again with the red x icon - or...

just look for the little pencil and paper 'edit' icon next to the rex x delete icon.


If you have left this 'Your Videos - Member Page' you can get back there by going to the VideoZone main page (Youtubes Home), clicking 'show details, and clicking the 'Your Videos' link.


Please read the instructions again for posting the Youtube code.

If you are bypassing the system and want to add your embed code by copying and pasting it from Youtube then please note that our system adds the 

section of the code.

You only need to copy the rest of the code after the = sign and paste it into the box on the 'post new video' page. The system will automatically remove any extra characters from the right hand end of what you paste. 



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