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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated Dec 08
How do I make clickable html web links on my Homepage?

Currently there are two ways you can add web hyperlinks to your profile page.

Method 1: Use the Custom block to display the EditProfile links.

On the Community registration form, and also accessable on the EditProfile page, there are boxes called 'link to your website' and 'any other website link'.

If you enter a web address into these boxes (not the http:// part of the address - just start with the www) then there is an easy way to make them appear in a block on your page.

Go to MyProfile/AddMoreBlocks/AddSharedBlocks and browse the shared blocks to find the one called MyWebsiteLinks. Tick the box next to this bloxk and then find the link at the top or bottom that says 'Add'. Then go back to your profile page and you should find the new block on the bottom left with your links in it. Drag it to wherever you want it on your page.

Method 2: Make a new HTML block and enter the code for your link.

Go to MyProfile/AddMoreBlocks/AddHTMLblock.

Give your block a name and then put the html code for your link in the main window of the popup.

The format for a link that looks like this Community - ie, displays the words 'Community' and links to the website - is like this.

< a href="" target="_blank">Community</a>

The target="_blank" section makes the link open in a new window.

Just change the web address to wherever you want to link to and the text to be displayed likewise.
You can also use any webpage making program to write the code and then cut and paste it into the input box.

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