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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated Dec 08
How do I post a Youtube video to the Videozone and add them to my posted videos section?

Once you have done this a couple of times you will find it is a simple process to use the VideoZone.

Login and go to the VideoZone and find the link on the right that says 'Post New Video'.

Type into the search box the name of the video if you know it, or type the key words you are after if you dont have the title.

From the results that it finds you can preview the various movies.

When you find the one you want select 'Choose Video'.

From the list on the next page choose a category for your post,

and also a sub category if you like.

If you feel inclined write something in the 'About this video' box as to why you are choosing to post this video.

Now for the important part to get this video onto your homepage...

You will see two selection options...

Add this video to your favourites - will add it as a small thumbnail on your page inside the Videozone block.

Add thisvideo to your featured videos - will add it the size that your column will allow.

You can always come back to the VideoZone and add or remove videos from your favourites and featured sections.

You can also add any video thats been posted to the VideoZone by anyone else to your page. Underneath the main player window you will find the same favourites and featured links.

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