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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated Dec 08
How do I put a Youtube video on my Homepage in its own block?

There are two main ways that you can get a Youtube Video on your page.

The simplest way is to go to the VideoZone and select a video as one of your 'favourite' or 'featured' videos. You can do this when you post a new video into the VideoZone or you can click 'add to favourite' or 'add to featured' links underneath the main player in the VideoZone.

To learn how to post a Youtube in the VideoZone see the other FAQs.

The second way to place a video on your page (and it can be from any video sharing site not just Youtube) is to make a new html block and post the embed code into it.

First you will need the embed code of the movie. At Youtube this is usually on the right hand side and you can also selct the colour of your player, and whether you would like Youtube to show similar videos. (I would usually say no as I like selecting them myself). You can also use this technique to embed a whole playlist, or a flash animation, or a widget, or any other html content.

Copy the code by highlighting it and selecting copy (or in windows pressing ctrl+C ).

Once you have logged into the OneEarth site - go to MyProfile and click AddMoreBlocks on the submenu just above your top blocks.

On the popup menu select AddHTMLblock.

Give your new block a title and paste the code into the main window next to it.

You can add text or any other html you like as well as the movie - or just leave it with the code itself.

IMPORTANT: the maximum safe size for a movie on your profile page is about 20% less than the Youtube code is set for. Please find the two places in the code that say width and height and change them from 425 x 355 down to 240 x 284 .

Click 'create'.

You will get a message saying that the new block must be approved - an unfortunately neccessary security measure. Please use the 'contact' link from the bottom of the page to let us know you have submitted a new block and that will speed up the process of approving it. We will email you when it is approved.

Once it is approved the block will appear on the bottom left of your page and you can drag and drop it wherever you prefer.

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