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Firebird's Vision Statement
The OneEarth website you are browsing right now is a major part of the unfolding of a vision that I have been following for many years now. Currently it is in need of some love and attention, but I am busy with other projects so it will have to wait a little bit longer.

I am about to launch a website to promote the visionary culture of Byron Bay, the local area I live in Byron Now

I do love the possibilities here at One Earth Community though, and I have plans for re-igniting its fire.

Until then - you can find most of my philosophical ramblings on the subject pages at

I am still working to create ways of involving large numbers of people in weaving something productive and beautiful together online. I invite you to join the One Earth Network and participate in evolving the brightest visions we can glimpse... into a truly sustainable and compassionate world. :-)
Know anyone who needs a Website?
I am the creator of this OneEarthCommunity site.
I am dedicated to making a positive difference to the global process.
You can find more about my work at Narada Design
Please contact me if you think we have work to do together.

Below is one of my recent artworks. Click to go full screen.
You Are Invited !
Spirits Wings
My Journal Pages
29 October, 2008 Gaia Dreaming 11 comments
I love the sound track to this movie almost as much as the movie itself! Below you will find samples of almost all the tracks on... Read more
15 October, 2008 Whirreds of the Whirled 10 comments
  ~ from the unfinished manuscript of 'The Book of Fire' by Firebird ~ . To know that there is a Book of Fire is to see ... Read more
2 October, 2008 Uncategorized 7 comments
Herman Hesse in 'the Glass Bead Game' spoke of J.S.Bach's music as the high point of western civilisation - and he is far from a... Read more
10 September, 2008 Mayan Time 2012 9 comments
This is the Universal Yoga Mandala Posteravailable from        ... Read more
2 July, 2008 Gaia Dreaming 7 comments
Here is a good introduction to a radical concept that the Earth and other planets are expanding. The computer modelling is very ... Read more
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My Groups
15 November, 2007 Other
This is a place for members who live in the Byron Bay region of northern NSW Australia to discuss particularlly local issues
15 November, 2007 Sacred Geometry
What insights into the nature of reality do you find through what is known as 'Sacred Geometry' ?
4 January, 2008 Law of Time
Conscious communicators come together co-create!13:20 synchronic activation station for gloabal kin to generate vision
Communing with the Solar Angel - Turtle Mt sunset
Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:Evolving Harmony
Visions:I intend to contribute as much positive energy as possible to the harmonious outcome of the global crisis - especially for the next few critical years.
About Me:Let us touch the very centre of the spiral tongue, and hear the voice of stars echo through our flesh, the words of the whirling of the wheel of the world, and flower from our minds the vision strong with sacredness !
Books:Bhagavad Gita, Course in Miracles, Chronicles of Amber, the Big Bang Never Happened
Movies:the Matrix series, the God's Must Be Crazy, Return of the Whale Dreamers
Music:A Gift of Love by Deepak and Friends, Pia's Eclipse, Jaya Lakshmi, Miten and Deva Premal
General Info
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Random Quotations
The Music collection below
The samples below are all from my album called "Jewels&Flames ~ Love Spells and Songs of Awakening". You can purchase it from here
Hi ~ send me a video email ! :-)
My Images Gallery
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Countdown to the 21st of Dec 2012 Solstice Alignment
Dreamspell Calculator

The application above displays todays Mayan calendar Dreamspell glyph. You can also use it to find your own Galactic Signature by entering your birthdate. Once you have calculated your sign type it into Google inside quotation marks or go to this good site and get more detail about interpretation from their other pages Mayan-Pages
For more info about the Dreamspell and the Mayan calendar visit TimeIsArt or LawOfTime

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