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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Title:Migaloo 2, Whale/Ocean conservation yacht
Visions:Raise awareness through direct contact and the internet about issues facing whales, dolphins and the ocean by sailing Australia's East Coast during the humpback migration
About Me:The aim of yacht Migaloo 2 is to use it as a platform to raise awarness on important issues facing whales, dolphins and ocean health. The idea is to travel along the east coast of Australia during the humpback whale migration visiting ports along the way showing films and giving talks about these critical issues. I also plan to do lots of live internet streaming from Migaloo 2 so the whole world including the Japanese can see what amazing beings the whales and dolphins are
My Journal Pages
26 November, 2008 Whales&Dolphins 1 comments
--  MEDIA RELEASE: 27.11.2008   Whale conservation representatives call for Boycott of Japanese Products   W... Read more
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For all Save the Whales and Dolphins materials

For all Shamanic info and My film 'Shamans of the Amazon'

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Cabarita calf spirit with a message to us all
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