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Social Network Friends Inviter
Social Network Friends Inviter

Invite Your Friends From Online Community Sites Like MySpace etc.

If you have an account MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, Orkut, Xing, BlackPlanet, or Bebo - you can use this feature to import the contacts of your friends.

Once you submit the form below you will be able to select which of your friends to send the invitation to.

We very much recommend that you add your own custom message to the email to personalise it. If they don't know you by your ommunity name then it's a good idea to sign the message with the name they do know you by !

You can also use this system to import your address book from most free email sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Just click the Fremail Address Book Inviter link.

You can preview the Invitation email that your message will be attached to here.

Occassionally we will award prizes for members who successfully invite the most people to register. When they register your friends will have to use your membername as their sponsor for it to count. And - they only count if they make themselves a One Earth Network Homepage and upload at least 2 pictures.

The first prize that we offer is a beautiful Universal Yoga Mandala Poster which you can see here It will be mailed to the first 3 people who have 20 genuine new members join through them.
The competition starts once we announce the official relaunch of the One Earth Network site around the 12th of Sept 2008

Good Luck :-)

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