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~ Registering and Creating Your Free Homepage ~

~ Important Information ~
Please Read Before Joining the One Earth Network

The One Earth Network is dedicated to
facilitating a harmonious transition
to a sustainable and compassionate society.
Membership of the CommunityPortal
is free to anyone who genuinely wants to Network Planetary Awakening.
The One Earth Network is a Bird Tribes International project.
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3 Things You Need to Know Before Registering

1). What You Are Invited To Do Here ~

The Portal is a place where you can present Yourself,
your Visions, your Ideas, your Art - and whatever positive projects and products you choose to promote ! We offer awesome free tools for doing this - and all we ask is that the purpose of what you present here be aligned with the Conscious Evolution of humanity.
It is obvious to all who choose to see - that we are in a time of great global transformation. It is a time that calls us to access the best of ourselves. A time to offer our gifts to the world. A time to 'get real' and embody the deepest and most profound Truth and Love and Beauty that we have ever known.
Please keep this in mind as your guideline for what you create here.
We invite you to use these tools to make something Beautiful, Educational, Inspirational, and Valuable for the people who visit your page.
For more specific guidelines click here.

2). Who is Your Sponsor ~

Please Note: Every One Earth Network Community Member must have a Sponsor who is already a Community Member. This allows us to reward members for helping us to build the Network.

Which Member you choose to join through is your decision - but we highly recommend that you honour the Universe's wisdom and go with the first person who invited you (in person or through their advertising) to check out the One Earth Network Portal !

Our system has detected that the first One Earth Network member who's page you visited was
If the box above is empty then we have not detected that you visited a members page.

What if I don't have a Sponsor?

If you found out about the Community without being invited by anyone, and you did not come through anyone's promotional movies, or cd rom, or web links - then you can register directly through One Earth Network by using oneearth as your Sponsor's Username. If you use oneearth as your sponsorname then you will be assigned a sponsor from one of our featured members.

3). What is Your Mayan Dreamspell Sign ~

On the registration form on the next page you will find a question about your Mayan Dreamspell sign. You can use the calculator on the right here to find out what your sign is.
Listing your Dreamspell sign is of course not obligatory, but as we approach the end of 2012 there will be more and more interest in this very timely oracle based on the Mayan traditions.

Whether or not Dec 21st 2012 turns out to be an important landmark in the human journey is not the point. Too many prophesies have come and gone over the centuries for anyone knowlegable to take them at face value. However... these are remarkable times... and if we wish to survive the coming century then human consciousness must evolve to the level of responsibility demanded by our new technologies that give us such unprecedented command of the material world.

Therefore we encourage everyone to participate in networking Conscious Evolution and Planetary Awakening through the One Eath Network site in whatever way you are inspired to do so.

The application above displays todays Mayan calendar Dreamspell glyph. You can also use it to find your own Galactic Signature by entering your birthdate. Once you have calculated your sign type it into Google inside quotation marks or go to this good site and get more detail about interpretation from their other pages Mayan-Pages
For more info about the Dreamspell and the Mayan calendar visit TimeIsArt or LawOfTime


~ Okay Already Let's Get On With It. Where's the registration form ? ~