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'The Heavenly Rose'
The 5 Platonic Solids
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14 November, 2008 Spirit Art 3 comments
I find myself awake but as my eyes start to focus in the dim light I notice stone walls & a small doorway. There is a faint ... Read more
10 November, 2008 Spirit Art 3 comments
My first experience with St.Germain was some years ago when I first started doing spirit guide drawings. This drawing was a gift... Read more
10 November, 2008 Spirit Art 3 comments
A great experience to share, would be when I had a visitation from a healer from the higher planes. She was known by the tone of... Read more
9 November, 2008 Spirit Art 3 comments
I awaken in the dream and find myself in a vast space with dim light all around me. A man materialises in front of me.His sheer ... Read more
9 November, 2008 Spirit Art 3 comments
In my journal I would like to share some of the experiences of my journeys to other realms & the interactions that took plac... Read more
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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Visions:I choose to create beauty in life through visual means bringing the unseen into the manifest the dream from past...present...and bring forth the divine gifts from share all that is...and activate the divine plan...and embrace our beloved mother earth as she ascends to her to rightful birthplace...and so it is...
Books:Unveiled Mysteries...A Soul's Journey...Mahatma 1& 2...The Key to secret Worlds...
Movies:Powder...The Fountain...
Music:Lisa Gerrard...Delerium...Sarah Brightman...Loreena McKennit
StarTetrahedron 3D: Vehicle of Ascension.
General Info
OEN Name:lilymoses
Dream Spell:Blue Self Existing Monkey
City:Tallebudgera QLD
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Galactic Fire

  • FireBirdBy FireBird 3413 Days Ago
    Wow Lily I've been dropping by to watch you make this page today and its been a wonderful journey to see you make something so beautiful :-) Welcome Angel.
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  • melchizedek144By melchizedek144 3413 Days Ago
    Hello my sweetheart love the background xoxoxoxox
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  • By Anonymous 3392 Days Ago
    Lily, what a treat for the eyes, and the mind. thank you for sharing your passion and your wonderful encounters/stories. You are a special Angel. Love Margie.
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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 3391 Days Ago
    Greetings Lily, thank you so kindly for your friends request. You have a beautiful site here, and I love your Art work, is very beautiful, I love the lady of light.

    Thank you again and have yourself a beautiful day.
    Very nice to met you.

    Peace Love and Light
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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 3390 Days Ago
    Greetings Lily
    thank you so much for your visit to my page and the beautiful comment you left me there.

    I wish you a beautiful day with light love and much smiles.

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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 3372 Days Ago
    Hello dear Lili
    I just stopped by to say hello to you, hopping all is well with you.

    I wish you a beautiful and peaceful weekk ahead my friend.

    "Namaste- ♥ Love ☮ Peace ☼ Light
    ✿ܓ ☮ MEL ☮ ✿ܓ
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  • By Anonymous 3280 Days Ago
    beloved Lili..I am so so impressed ..YOU are so very talented..Thank you for this GIFT OF FEELING AND admiring BEAUTY OF Your art. with love, a Goddess angel Carla, Romania
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  • By Anonymous 2974 Days Ago
    Hello I do not know you but you have a great site. My name is Victor...
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  • By Anonymous 2389 Days Ago
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