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Waterfall, N.S.W ~ 2012
The 5 Platonic Solids
Rainbow Galaxy ~ Mother of Light
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15 November, 2007 Other
This is a place for members who live in the Byron Bay region of northern NSW Australia to discuss particularlly local issues
15 November, 2007 Sacred Geometry
What insights into the nature of reality do you find through what is known as 'Sacred Geometry' ?
4 January, 2008 Law of Time
Conscious communicators come together co-create!13:20 synchronic activation station for gloabal kin to generate vision
  • ManjariBy Manjari 2509 Days Ago
    Hello ,I do not see a place to send you a massage be good if you make that visible on your profile ..I wonder How you got to this site - do I know you from youtube ?
    love Manjari
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  • FireBirdBy FireBird 2509 Days Ago
    Love your page here. I had a door like that once. It had a sign above it saying 'beware, no one who passes through this door will ever be the same' :-) And we never were...
    Nice that Manjari wants to send you a massage, (she has magic hands), but I can see the actions box up above for sending you a message :-)
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  • By Anonymous 2489 Days Ago
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  • By Anonymous 2489 Days Ago
    this is a beautiful channel you have here
    Many congratulations :)
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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 2487 Days Ago
    Greetings Emanuehl
    Thank you kindly for your friends request.
    Is good to have you and lily aboard.
    You both have beautiful pages.
    I am still have a lot to learn about how this site works. so please be patient with me, I'll eventually catch up.

    Have a wonderful day with much peace, love and light.

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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 2486 Days Ago
    Greetings Emanuehl, thank you for your beautiful comment in my page, is good to be here, I have been reading some of your beautiful Journal entries.
    And I have been enjoying them very much.
    Slowly but surely I will get to red all of them, will love to read lily's as well. so much to do ...

    Hope you both have a beautiful and peaceful day.
    Smiles, peace light and love

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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 2485 Days Ago
    Greetings Emanuehl, thank you for your kind comment in my journal. It was with your kind help that it become beautiful.
    Thanks for all the help you have so kindly provide with the page.

    Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing weekend my friend.

    Much Love, Peace and Light
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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 2481 Days Ago
    Greetings Emanuehl
    Thank you kindly for your comment in my journal entry. But you are a wise man and I know you know about this simple things I have spoke about. You have a great light, and is a great inspiration.
    thank you again kindly.

    Much ♥ Love ☮ Peace ☼ Light
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  • By Anonymous 2473 Days Ago
    beautiful page you have beloved, I will be here soon, connected with One Earth..I already am..I am that I AM.
    love, smiling, shining, me Carla
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  • bluemoonmagicBy bluemoonmagic 2468 Days Ago
    Hello there Emanuehl

    I just stopped by to say hello, I hope everything is well with you.

    I wish you a beautiful and peaceful week ahead my friend.

    "Namaste- ♥ Love ☮ Peace ☼ Light
    ✿ܓ ☮ MEL ☮ ✿ܓ
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  • By Anonymous 2340 Days Ago
    much love..much again..Carla, Romania
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  • By Anonymous 2226 Days Ago
    i look to the picture in your background and i reconnaise that form,it is the floweur of life,i study that 15 years ago....
    because of you i know that i have to continue to find the light of god inside me....and make one with it and recovery my divinité.....i wont stop now,i will work on that every second on my life...thank you my brother because we are all brothers as jésus said 2000 years ago.....
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  • melchizedek144By melchizedek144 2223 Days Ago
    Much love light & delight :-)
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  • By Anonymous 1973 Days Ago
    divine friend...I visited gift you have to share..beautiful sacred spaces created...much love Carmen..Romania..Earth..Galaxy..Goddess..:)
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  • By Anonymous 1523 Days Ago
    request------------------( aliens )
    in india ,tamilnadu ,human souls are taken under earth ,under rocks ,even to several thousnds kilometers under rocks and given differnt shapes .in sevrages , and made aliens .please save ..under earth beating and burning .please save .to every one .every molecules .and request to bring all the creatures from under earth to on earth .please save from pains ,sufferings .please save
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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Visions:Raising our vibrational frequency is a prerequisite to completing our ascension process.
About Me:I AM a facilitator and practitioner for all levels of The Melchizedek Method, Reiki Master, R.E.S.E.T~Jaw Balance practitioner, Light Color and Sound Therapist, Facilitator of Ascension workshops & Meditation classes.
I am here to assist with the ascension process of our dear mother Earth. She is in the process of transforming her self into a radiant star of 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond.
I love connecting with souls of like heart and mind together we are activating the love/light grid and ushering in love ~ the reality.

Books:The Keys Of Enoch....The Celestine Prophecy...Bringers Of The Dawn....The Power Of Now....Alchemy Of Nine Dimensions....
Movies:The fountain.....What The Bleep....Contact....Five People You Meet In Heaven....Transmuteo....
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StarTetrahedron 3D: Vehicle of Ascension.
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OEN Name:melchizedek144
Dream Spell:Red Overtone Moon
City:Sydney, Australia
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