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10 October, 2010 Uncategorized 3 comments
Just new today Thinking that this will be a more focused place for sharing things about the planet. facebook is fun for me and... Read more
Noelle becomes 60
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  • noelleBy noelle 1943 Days Ago
    Would love to see this network grow as it seems so beautiful and well thought out...there are so many people interested in these things I am sure its moment will arrive
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  • FireBirdBy FireBird 1943 Days Ago
    Hi and Welcome. Yes its been quiet here lately but Im gearing up for another push at getting things going! It really is amazing funtionality we have here.
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  • noelleBy noelle 1938 Days Ago
    Thanks for your reply
    i am glad to hear things will be revving up as so much has been done already
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Visions, Intentions, Purpose
Visions:Create beauty for our wonderful world. I wish for a world without borders and for John Lennon's song image t be it's anthem.
About Me:I love to make art and travel. I love to be involved with positive happy people who are doing whatever they can for the higher good of all.
Books:krishnamurti, autobiograpy of a yogi, jane roberts seth books, Finding of the 3rd eye by vera stanly alder
Movies:Harold and maude, zeitgeist chariots of fire
Music:beethoven, Beatles, nora jones
General Info
OEN Name:noelle
Dream Spell:yellow crystal seed
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